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Closing ceremony of Special Summer Program

The closing ceremony of Special Summer Program took placed at AEPRY Sub-office in Kalay. The ceremony lasted for two hours. During the closing ceremony, students were given course completion certificates. The duration of the Special Summer Program is full two months. At the end of the program, students had test/examination, ...

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Rural Health Center Construction at Chin Suh Village

The construction of Rural Health Center at Chin Suh village, Kalay township, begins in March. There are 700 HH with 3923 population in the village. The village can be reached by car, motor-cycle and other means of transportation throughout the year. The village has a high school with 824 students. ...

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Middle School construction at Nyaung Kong Village

The construction of a Middle School at Nyaung Kong village, Kalay township, Sagaing Division. The project implementation began in March, 2017. There are 512 HH with 2576 population. Nyaung Kong village is located in the northern part of Kalay township, and it is 18 miles distance from Kalay. The village ...

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Special Summer Program is Underway

AEPRY has started its summer program for the local youth at Kalay Office. This year program includes computer training, basic English speaking class, basic music class(Keyboard & Guitar). There are 25 boys and girls who are learning computer skill, 45 boys and girls who are learning English language, and 43 ...

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Summer Program

AEPRY is planning to organize a special SUMMER PROGRAM for the youth in Kalay township. The program will last for two months. In this program, young people will be able to choose any trade/course they are interested in. There will be four types of courses available (Basic English for kids ...

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