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Lungtak Village Bridge Construction

Lungtak village is located in the northern part of Tonzang Towship, Chin State, Myanmar. It is 7 miles distance from the town. There are (87) HH with 670 population. The main crop available in the community is corn. However, nowadays, most of the families in the village are depending on ...

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The hardest part of bridge construction is finished

As we come close to the completion of bridge construction at Sialthawzang village, Tonzang township, engineer and his team is doing the final touch. We could have completed the project 100% if there is no heavy rain in the region. Now, it seems we have to take break during raining ...

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Sialthawzang village Bridge Construction

We are constructing 140′ x 12′ size village bridge at Sialthawzang village, Tonzang Township, Chin State, Myanmar. The construction of this bridge begins in the last week of May, 2015. There are more than 200 HH with a total population of 1500  in the village, and the village is the ...

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Salzang Village Primary School Construction

AEPRY is constructing 162’x 25’x 12′ Post Primary School at Salzang village, Tonzang Township, Chin State. The project is financed by Switzerland based INGO, Nouvelle Planete. Project implementation began in the third week of May, 2015 and the construction is in progress. There are more than hundred HH in the ...

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Kan U Village Drinking Water Project

Kan U village Drinking water project was financed by Nouvelle Planete from Switzerland, and implemented   by AEPRY (Agency for Education of the Poor Rural Youth). The project implementation began in the first week of March, 2015. The implementation of the project lasted for more than one month and it was successfully completed ...

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