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Kan U Village Drinking Water Project

Kan U village Drinking water project was financed by Nouvelle Planete from Switzerland, and implemented   by AEPRY (Agency for Education of the Poor Rural Youth). The project implementation began in the first week of March, 2015. The implementation of the project lasted for more than one month and it was successfully completed in the last week of May. The community participated enthusiastically in project implementation and it was due to their great efforts that we were able to complete the project in due time. In this project we have constructed one small dam at the water intake, one sedimentation tank, one water reservoir and (18) stand-pipes.

Now the community is getting sufficient clean water for drinking and hygiene practice through out the year. We also conducted hygiene campaign with the help of one nurse during project implementation.  This hygiene campaign is part of the project for all drinking water projects in our organization. It is not enough to give water but the people should be given sufficient awareness on good use of water and its help for their good health. Providing water to villages or communities in the world is easy but training them and giving them long lasting awareness on the good use of water is a big challenge.

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