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Lungtak Village Bridge Construction

Lungtak village is located in the northern part of Tonzang Towship, Chin State, Myanmar. It is 7 miles distance from the town. There are (87) HH with 670 population. The main crop available in the community is corn. However, nowadays, most of the families in the village are depending on rice that are coming from Kalay.
The new national road which connect Tonzang Township and Kalay Township in Sagaing Division pass through the village. There is a big stream on the road between Phaitu village and Lungtak village. During the road construction the government had build an iron bridge which was completely destroyed during 2015 flood in the region. After the destruction of the bridge villages beyond the stream are having problem to go to Tonzang for health care and marketing. Therefore, they turned to AEPRY to help them to build a bridge a cross the stream. The construction of the bridge begun in the second week of May 2016.

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