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Scholarship Program


AEPRY realizes the importance of proper education of children and adult youth for the healthy growth of human society. Myanmar is one of the countries in the world which does not have proper education system. The poor and people in rural areas suffered most from such situation. Observing the actual situation of the poor families in developed cities and the people in rural areas AEPRY decided to commit itself as a mediator to seek scholarship grants and offer scholarship to the poor children in Myanmar.

AEPRY gives scholarship to everyone who has necessary qualities without having any race or colour barrier. This program is included in AEPRY activities so that financially incapable families obtain assistance to continue their education. This scholarship is intended to uplift the life of poor families through education of new generations. Therefore, it is opened for all students of any grade. We also offer scholarship for school-drop-outs who are willing to study vocational training skills as special activity of the organization.

The eligibility of a candidate will be thoroughly studied by the BM and the selection will be sent to donor if they ask so. The scholarship will be given as biannual program and if it is found any misuse of the money by the beneficiary then the scholarship will be discontinued with the decision of the BM. Therefore, we request all the applicants for our scholarship to utilize the money for its purpose only and not for any other purposes.

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