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Study Guide and Tuition


There are some under-developed towns in rural areas with government’s Basic Education High Schools. Most of the B.E.H.S. in rural areas never received good result in matriculation exam. The usual matriculation exam result of those schools is 10% per year, for some schools only 5%. There are many students who reached class X (or) Grade (XI) and appearing for matriculation exam but only a few of them manage to go through. Consequently, only a few students are able to seek good education. In Myanmar, matriculation decides the future of the students. There are thousands of drop-outs every year in the country, especially in rural areas where there are no good tuition and study guide.Only a few make second attempt but many of them especially students from poor families do not make second attempt and they started looking for a job to support their families. Contrary to students from rural areas, students from big cities receive the best tuition and study guide and they get the best result and they are the one who are studying at the best universities. The major causes of getting low result in matriculation exam which decides student’s future are as follows:-

  1. Lack of proper guidance before reaching Class X/Grade 11
  2. Lack of qualified and dedicated teachers in rural areas
  3. Lack of properly functioned study centers and study guides

AEPRY offers competent teachers and study guides to teach and assist students to do their study well and get better result in exam.

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