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Swiss Volunteers’ Camp

The program of 11 Swiss Volunteers’ Camp at Chin Suh Village, Kalay Township, started on 19th November. The participants are coming from different parts of Switzerland. The main purpose of this camp is to work at the construction of the school financed by Nouvelle Planete at Chin Suh village. The age of all the participants ranges from 28 to 77 years, but most of them are above 60. The camp will last for more than two weeks, and during the camp the participants will help in the implementation of the project, learning local customs, exploring other villages and other sight seeings.

The presence of the group is very inspiring for the local people as they participated actively in all activities in spite of their old age. Their youthful spirit is an inspiration for the local people, especially the old citizen like them, to give their contribution for the development of the community. Most of the time the local people tend to stop working for the community once they are over 60. The good example of the Swiss volunteers has impact on the mindset of the local people.

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